Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dash and Wire Harness found

Finally found some parts in the middle of nowhere.
I have been in search of a usable dash that hasn't been chopped for a non stock style stereo.

Of course the parts were buried in thorny vines but a little clearing and i could get to them. The 1979 Mustang in this photo is what my car's original color was. Someone took the sport steering wheel already.

Hatch Door sensor is still in the car. I never had that in my car. Previous owner ripped it out before I had it. 

I will be taking a day off from work for this. It is an 8 hour job to take out a dash. My original dash was damaged when someone stole my stereo...

The difference between a 1979 Dash and an 1985 Dash is below.  Upper is from a 1979 which was equipped with an 8 track stereo.

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