Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Day 2 Front Suspension Removal For the 1979 Ford Mustang

Why waste time taking each component apart when your replacing everything in the front.
I got my new hose for the torch, but ran out of gas.. I forgot I bought sawzall blades. Back in Business. Would have been easier with the torch though. Good bye Monroe Sensacrap.

Just check out how they will look. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

1979 Ford mustang Front Suspension Removal

I was going to remove my whole suspension in front the easy way. Next step would have been to cutt off the junk control arm with my cutting torch. I am using an open flame Propane heater less then 5 ft away. Just as I was about to fire up my Acetylene torch I got a mouth full of Acetylene. I immediately shut it off and called it quits for the night before I go boom in the garage. I found that my lines to my torch were dry rotted through. I guess more shopping is due. Need new lines for the torch.

1979 Ford Mustang Wheels for sale


These Turbine Style Wheels are for sale. They are 14 inch

Friday, February 20, 2015

Parts Arrival Day 3

Today I received the rest of the parts needed to work on the suspension and brake system upgrade.
The 1979 Ford Mustang will have to wait though, since my 2005 Ford Ranger broke down with my Clutch Master Cylinder leaking and my Saturn has now decided to not maintain charge with temperatures only in the teens here, I must work on replacing the clutch master cylinder or have no car to get to work with on Monday. SVE Caster Camber Plates; park brake lines; SVE tubular control arms upper and lower rear; Polyurethane Spring

I was going to try and go to the Chicago Auto Show this year but after this weekend I know I probably will not make it. This is the last weekend for it.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Parts Arrival day 2

I took off from work today and tomorrow. I thought I would share that Latemodelrestoration.com and AmericanMuscle.com have similar discount codes. For every 250.00 purchase you get 10.00 off, so to save as much as I can I have broken my purchases down to 250.00 separate purchases to maximize savings. Both sites offer free shipping.

Save10 coupon works when over 250
and now also INSTOCK15 works for anything under 250.00 on www.Latemodelrestoration.com

www.AmericanMuscle.com coupon for purchases over 250 is FREEZESTANG10 for 10.00 off

Received Springs today and Koni suspension. Compare and save I am looking at a maximum motorsports strut tower brace as well. Springs I purchased were the American Muscle SR Performance lowering springs with 1.5 inch drop. Caster Camber Plates are still on the way.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Parts Arriving this week

Saleen SC Wheels 17x9 arrived yesterday. Wow these are awesome.

Also received the bump steer kit from Steeda, Suspension is on the way. Hopefully I will have everything by Friday and I can get started on the changes that need to occur.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TAX Return is Here

Woo hoo.. Tax Return Received. Time to order parts...
Wheels and Tire combo ordered.


We may paint these wheels to match our paint Scheme.

Looking into Koni STR. T shocks and struts. Getting rid of the Monroe Sensa-Crap on the car.