Wednesday, May 4, 2016

UPDATES For 1979 Ford Mustang project

Once I had modified the pypes tail pipes for the passenger side I realized that I did not have to the electrical for the fuel tank sending unit. Bummer, but no biggie that electrical section was messed with pretty bad by the previous owner and I cleaned it up to make it better.

Today I placed an order from Late Model Restoration for a few items I hope to see here in the near future. Can't wait to keep kicking on this project.

Other plans coming up. I plan on showing how to rebuild the 8.8 inch rear end in my car. The 8.8 possi-traction rear end is not the original rear end from my 1979 mustang I upgraded years ago when the 7.5 inch gave out on me in Texas. Bearing went out at 75 mph on the interstate. Not a cool thing to happen and smoke was barreling out of the back of the car. I barely made it to a friends house. When the bearing go out everything misaligns and your gears no longer mesh together. Your gears will start colliding and teeth will start breaking apart. I love dealing with LMR they have excellent support and they are quick to assist if there is an issue. They also offer a veterans discount.

Recap on Project Progress. 
What's been done so far:
Roof and rear quarters sectioned from another car.
Floor boards replaced
Firewall repaired 
Inner Rocker panel repaired
Rear Seat Section hand fabricated patches
Trunk Hand fabricated patches
New Ford Racing Front Control Arms
Rear Upper and lower SVE Tubular Control Arms
17 inch Saleen SC wheel 
1992 Possi Rearend 
New Brakes front and back
Russel Stainless Brake Lines added
New Fuel Line Front to back
1992 Spindles added
1992 Rotors installed upgraded from 7.5 inch rotors to 11 inch rotors
SVE Progressive Lowering Springs
Maximum Motorsports Strut tower support added
Koni STR.T Shocks all around
Engine Rebuilt with Competition Cams Cam added
Fidanza billet Aluminum Flywheel with removable friction plate
Ford Racing King Cobra Clutch
Clutch pressure plate balanced with Flywheel 
Steeda Full Length Subframe connectors installed
Tremec TKO 500 Transmission
Ford Racing Aluminum Drive Shaft

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pypes Exhaust Systems Tech Support Update

It appear Pypes Tech Support is refusing to respond, so I am left with modifying the passenger side pipe hangers and voiding the warranty. Pypes response time that is sent via automated email is a lie.  I do not recommend these guys, but I have made mine work by bending the hangers to the needed angles to have the pipe hang correctly. 

Acetylene torch was used and a vice grip plus proper safety equipment. 

Rear hanger needed to be bent straight up. 

 Mid hanger needed the multiple bends but ended up like this. 

because of the mods to the mid hanger it will be easier to install the tail pipe with the rear tire off. 

Now it fits appropriately into factory body hangers I purchased.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Pypes Exhaust Systems Tech Support. You decide.

First attempt Contact APR 11

Second attempt contact APR 18

4 to 6 business hours they say. 

Finally responding on the 18th

4 to 6 business hours they say.

This was the last email sent with so you can see the hanger welded in the rear in wrong spot. 

I don't have equipment to weld on Stainless Steel right now, but should I have to for a prefabbed system.

If I take a torch to it i void warranty. If I heat the stainless I may ruin the polished surface, which will ruin the look and defeat the point of ever purchasing them.

I for one will never buy their products again after this if this is not made right.